No Resolutions This Year: I’m Already Happy

I was asked today by a very charming young lady who told me to have a Happy New Year. She kept on walking out of the Post Office and that was that.

That got me thinking about where I stood with our national tradition of doing the New Years Resolution  thing. I thought about for a few hours this morning and came to this conclusion: I don’t do New Years Resolutions (NWR). Actually, as far back as I can remember I never have done, or practice the NWR, and even if did do it, I probably never followed through it.

I like the idea of reflection. I thought about how good this was for me, and for everyone else. 2008 was a really great year because I achieved so many goals. This year I accomplished so much that I think the next few years will not compare to it.

The ugly side it of course is looking forward into the future of 2009, and what the new year will hold for us. With a collapsing economic market and friends getting laid off from their work, I think doom and gloom are going to be the benchmark for a lot of people this coming year.

So tonight I am going to forget what to look forward into the new year and just focus on getting my PC back to normal with such a dismal upgrading fiasco on Monday. Tonight I am going to be happy—just happy, then off to bed with a good nights sleep.

In keeping the tradition, Happy New Years!

2 Thoughts on “No Resolutions This Year: I’m Already Happy

  1. Happy New Year, Can You Tell Us When Jessie Was Born. Mis
    placed That Info Superturtle

  2. Already done. Sent the information this morning to your Super Turtle email address.

    Hope you having a Happy New Year so far!


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