No More White Fluffy Snow-Please!

I think we must have at least broken one record by now with all this snow. Probably what is different this year than a normal one is that it never really warmed up to melt each snowfall; instead the snow just kept piling up to a constant level of 30cm. Like today, it was supposed to have rained, but instead it snowed like crazy.

I drove back from Aldergrove and I have to slow down to about 30km/h the whole way because I could see the road from the snow flakes. It was like watching that StarWars effect when the spaceship shot off into hyperspace—the white streaks from a point right in front of you….

I saw one good accident today, a small car that flipped over a snow bank because he/she lost control on the slippery road. This happened on the Fraser Highway. I kind of laughed because I think everyone in the South Coast has at least three weeks of winter driving experience under their belts now. I guess some people still get over confident when they are driving with their summers tires on?

My classes start on Wednesday. I have two morning classes and one in the afternoon that day. Driving in Surrey, BC during the morning commute is going to be a new experience for me—one that I am not looking forwarded to. I real y hope that the awful snow has melted by then.

I want our normal West Coast weather back! At least you don’t have to shovel rain.

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