Another Winter’s day of Snow

Last night as I was driving home from a friends place, the visibility from the snow was so bad that I almost had to drive at something less than 30 Km/h. What was forecast on the radio as a night of rain turned into a sudden freakish snowfall. Boy did it snow.

Later that night I heard a crackling noise outside my front door. It was a tree that leaned onto the power lines. The more it snowed, the frequency of sparking from the tree increased to the point that the fire department was called in . When I walked around the driveway I noticed that my next-door neighbour was outside too, also looking at the tree that was getting electrocuted. We had to duck falling branched too!

She pointed to another utility power pole where the trees forced it to lean over into the yard across the street from me. Every power line was dropping and at the other end of the street I could see another tree with its branched sparking away as it leaned on the wires.

Oddly our power never went completely out except for the odd flicker and two second dimming. I think we were lucky.

The real fun was this morning when everyone was heading off for their work. I had the day off. From 6:00am till noon the sounds of spinning tires was heard. One poor fellow with a very small car with summers tires almost damaged his engine as he kept on spinning his tires. When he gave up his car was making popping sounds as the engine kept back-firing when idling. I think for a lot of people this was a “Snow Day.”


With my municipal government stead fast on not doing snow removal for residences, I wonder what the true costs are for everything barely moving because of it. Many companies could not work today because of the conditions of the roads. My friend’s garbage has not being picked up in two weeks now because the garbage trucks are not out in his area. He hired a bobcat (a small tractor/scooper)to remove and clear snow in his cul-de-sac, but never touched the street. Him and his neighbours all pitched in and rented the bobcat to take care of their driveways. He told me that if we truly had a right-wing government that we would all be responsible for clearing our own streets. I laughed—I think we are already there?

2 Thoughts on “Another Winter’s day of Snow

  1. Superturtle Says, You Need A Better Cameraman. Come To Alberta, You Can Practice Driving In The Snow Happy New Year

  2. Cameraman? There’s nothing wrong with the cameraman, it’s the software and editing, or lack of. I took it from one of those cheesy webcams, and I couldn’t convert the file to flash so I had to use my You-Tube account to show it. 😉

    Driving, no, I’ll stick to living here. At least this mess is starting to melt. I hate the sub-zero weather you guys have.

    Happy New Year.

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