Life in a Slurpee

We are back to normal now with milder temperatures and rain. The problem is, will the snow on the ground, the leftovers from “Snowmegeden,” melt faster than the 100mm of rain that is on the forecast for the day. Yesterday we had almost 60mm of rain and driving around was interesting on the side-streets, but the main roads were great.

Today, driving into classes this morning, the lakes and rivers that are normally intersections and side walks are everywhere. The drive into Surrey was great because I think some of the arteries going onto the main roads were closed so I had an incredible commute by almost 10 minutes faster, but parking is still an issues when piles of snow are everywhere with limited parking spaces.

Right now on the side streets the snow is about the consistency of a slurpee. With a layer of ice on the ground and 20 cm of snow saturated with rain you can’t trust where the road is versus the side walks. This is where being a pedestrian would be a really bad idea because of the splash factor.

Here in Surrey there are some areas of the campus grounds that are showing green with the retreat of the snow. It’s nice to see that again even though it is pouring out. Some of the picnic tables still have a layer of 30 cm of snow on them, so the melt has a long ways to go yet.

Well, my second class is going to start in less than half an hour, I guess I should get ready for that. I hope we get out early!

One Thought on “Life in a Slurpee

  1. It’s nasty on the roads… I’m in West Point Grey and the slush is inches deep. Ugh.

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