A Tiny Seed of Indignation

For the last three days there seems to be a calm since the two and a half weeks of Snowmegeden passed,  and everything seems to be looking on the up-and-up. I managed to get through the extreme weather event without loosing any of my commitments or responsibilities—until today.

Well, actually the series of problems started three weeks ago, I just did not know yet. First my textbooks never arrived when my classes started because they were being shipped from Ontario. From the huge amounts of snow, and then rain along the Western half of British Columbia, all the main highways were block by mud-slides and snow avalanches. I still do not have all my textbooks and my week two classes are next week. Next are my cheques from Revenue Canada and the Student Bursary I received for my volunteer work—those are stuck somewhere between here and Ottawa on the truck. I have been told that these deliveries are going to be delayed until the end of next week. I have already received my notice from the University that I will have a charge of $75.00 added to my account because of the lateness. I am depending on these monies as part of my budget. Then there is my vehicle which is now broken—probably an estimated cost of $400.00 to have it fixed.

With the bad weather now long passed, its effects still linger. Our roads are flooded and everything is saturated with rain. My mail box is stuffed with bills and the signs of the economic crunch is starting to really hit because of these delays. No one has money any more, and like me, are not going to give it up unless they then don’t have to.

Most of my problems are from the weather (Snowmegeden) that passed. I spent way too much on heat. I envy my friend with the wood fireplace regardless of the smoke and particulates that spew out of the chimney, he was warm. His costs were a third of what mine were from burning propane and electricity.

If there is one thing that these series of winter storms taught me is that no matter how hard we think we can become prepared or  be independent from the social infrastructure when it fails, we will succumb to it no matter how long we think we can hold out. It is dollars and cents, and how much each of use are willing to build safeguards to keep ourselves protected and safe from the elements. To the people of Chilliwack, BC who thought that the flooding of that magnitude was impossible, yet the prediction of snow pluged ditches and waterways on high ground would ever happen so land was developed with inefficient waterways, set new records and a state of disaster was issued.  Even here in Fort Langley we had to deal with localized flooding that never developed like this before. All of this cost us time, resources and money.

Tomorrow I am going to miss a days work because of a broken vehicle. Sure, I have tried calling on friends to bum a ride, but for everyone else it is the weekend, so no one is going anywhere. Transit here is a joke. None of the buses run regular routes on a Sundays that would get me even close to my work on a Sunday, and my start time. In fact, I would need to walk 5km just to get to work once the bus dropped me off. The poor excuse for a transit system in Fort Langley has nothing to do with the storms, only bad governments from the past and taxpayers who said no to it.

There, I had my vent. I feel a little bit better now, but I am still stressed. I am patting myself on the back however for at least being somewhat prepared for the winter onslaught, such as saving a little money for emergencies. And I know everything will smooth itself out with time, but waiting for that to happen seems to be where the most amount of stress comes form anyway. I am going to try and force myself to be happy!

3 Thoughts on “A Tiny Seed of Indignation

  1. Hey Tom

    Hang in there. Things always work out (that’s the positive thinking I like to endorse).

    I was in Fort Langley today and couldn’t believe that you guys still have so much snow around. I was there about a week ago and it’s still all piled up. I’m in east Abbotsford and it’s all melted already. Haven’t ever seen that much rain in such a short time frame as this past week. I really feel for those poor people in the low areas flooded out.

    I remember being in England and having to put money in the meter to heat a hotel room. Brrrrrr. Maybe that’s why they wear so many sweaters over there!!!!

    Take it easy!!!!

  2. Thanks Gudrun for your kind words.

    I made my second bus trip in over Ten years, and it was a humbling experience. The vehicle is still out for repairs and I really miss it already. Transit still has a very long ways to go before I would consider it as a choice.

    Hey, a least it is warming up!

  3. We were considering Fort Langley as a place live. Really appreciate your weblog, I like the way you put up the photos. Do you know to which street flooding from the Salmon River would possibly reach? I guess if you live in a flood plain, no Ins. company will insure for such an event….so is the value really there for all that expensive real estate? I think not! It is such a lovely town, but we best look at higher ground. I would be hard to be happy when your anticipating another flood warning for next 4-5 months!!
    Take care. Tie a canoe to yur porch

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