Getting Down Right Dirty

When push comes to shove a person will do just about anything. I had to do the “last resort” of getting parts from an old wrecked donor pick-up to fix mine because of the time required to obtain parts through a parts dealer was going to take too long. In other words, the parts would have taken so long to get that the wait was unacceptable, so I had to pull up my sleeves, get down on the ground and get things done.

Getting the gas tank out from this truck was, for me, a three hour job. Most of my problems came from have a small jack to lift the vehicle up a good distance to remove the tank from underneath. Other issues such as cutting the hose and lines without damaging the fittings and tank also made the job that much more harder. The bolts that held the tank on were very hard to reach with a socket-wrench and I had to get very creative with getting maximum leverage when cranking the socket. There was not that much swinging room for the wrench.

I did it—and I hope that it works. This is now week two without my vehicle, and I am getting sick of worrying about weather I can make it to work on time because the Transit system does not get me there when I need it too. So I got dirty—in desperation—to get my truck back on the road. I’m glad that that part of the job is over–I will let an expert instll it–I’m not a mechanic.

2 Thoughts on “Getting Down Right Dirty

  1. Tom – The pictures are very convincing. My sympathies. You are in the trenches right now.
    We’ll have a whine and dine when I get back, and have good stories to tell by then!
    Cheers, diane.

  2. Hey Diane, yes. Yes. Yes. I’m driving once again, and I drive with appreciation now because a ride on a but is something that I care not to do for a long while. Looking forward in hearing your stories.

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