What Criminologist Do for Fun

All set for another round of lecture, seminars and research papers. Yup, that is what is in-store for the rest of this week, an action packed poppery of institutional educated fun. I have so much work for the next three weeks that I figure I need to do a really big food shop because I may never get a chance to leave the house except for work and classes. The last time I did this was back in November when I had the onslaught of group presentations to do. Back then I remember saying that I would never do that again: I think I may eat those words.

This week was fun though because one of my assignments was to compare work and crime. We were allowed to explore the idea that crime and work have a lot of similarities in a social context. Our first assignment was to write an ad that would suit a particular crime and then try and sell it in the form of an advertisement. In other words, we were pretending to place an ad in a news paper that would recruit a would be person to join our factious crime business. With the new directions of Sociology today, some say that the social sciences have not run aground and withered away as the way of the Dodo Bird, but still have much staying power as does the quantitative based sciences have, so this exercise shows how today’s theories can be put to the test.

So, guess the crime I’m advertising?

Great hours, f/t or p/t, and great pay: make your own wages—as much as you want, and stay at home!

Must be very artistic and creative, plus able to work in an ever growing and competitive market place. The successful candidate will need to have an eye for detail and precision, and able to maintain strict quality control over the product. Other necessary skills include extensive knowledge of the printing industry, and a comprehensive background in computer graphics programming. Applicant must be a self starter, highly motivated, willing to take risks.

This position could lead into other opportunities such as working in other fast pace business opportunities such as organized, corporate and business crimes, and also could lead into creating your own network of personal Banking and loan-sharking outlets that could include money laundering and other related business opportunities, to name a few. Also this could branch into legitimate business opportunities too if desired such as advertising and office supplies.

Benefits could be very lucrative for such a small investment, and a highly rewarding lifestyle could be around the corner.

So here is your assignment: Tell me what type of criminal activity I am advertising for. There are no prizes or fame other than you get to have your name here on my blog. Next week sometime I will give out the answer. So try and guess by leaving a comment in this post—it will be fun!

3 Thoughts on “What Criminologist Do for Fun

  1. Hey Tom

    I’m guessing you are advertising for a counterfeit expert – ie: money, bank cards, credit cards, etc.??

    Looking forward to the correct answer.


  2. Gudrun stole my answer! Counterfeiter is what I would say too! 🙂 Sounds like fun! Sign me up!! 🙂

  3. Thank you Gudrun and Lynn for your answers.

    Yes, you both are right. Counterfeiter was the job position being asked for in this fake job advertisement. I’m probably going to do another one up, but make way harder. Stay turned. 🙂

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