Only to the Beholder: The Eye.

Who knew that industrial waste could look so beautiful? Even though this very small puddle looks like a weird form of tie-die aqua art, the chemical components only lasted less than a minute before they created some very noxious fumes and started to eat into the concrete floor. When I first starting taking photos of the puddle, it seemed harmless until I got to my tenth shot, then I noticed that it was producing some heat. I threw some “absorb-all” onto it and then swept it into a hazard-bin for disposal. This bin is probably sitting at the Surrey, BC Reclamation warehouse on its way to a landfill in the interior of the province

What caught my eye about little puddle of industrial waste was that it was constantly changing patterns. It was like a three dimensional kaleidoscope of black and grey, changing in an unpredictable manner. The concentric rings would double, then join themselves into three or four rings, then back to hundreds of rings that looked like peddles on a flower. That was when I noticed the amount heat that this substance was throwing off.

I have no idea what combination of substances there were in this little puddle, or what got mixed into the water and possible oil, which I think were the main ingredients of it, but it sure looked interesting. This made me think that art in itself could have deadly consequences. What is art and beauty to one maybe chaos and danger to another.

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