Canada Needs Obama: Like Today.

I was very impressed with President Obama’s prime-time address to his nation today. It was so refreshing to hear a man speak with such integrity and wisdom that for a small fraction of a second I wished I was there, sitting in that same room, transfixed on the notion that these are the very same factors that effect me here in Canada with regards to the economic problems of today. I was selfish to think that my own government, what I call the “Harper & Whinner” parliament, could have achieved the same status that Obama has, or that Canadians could be so riveted to their seats when their leader speaks and addresses the problem of its people that they would stop every that are doing just to listen.

When a man steps up to the podium and says that we all need to come together and embrace the fundamental cause for change because our very existence of economic dependability is at stake, and says this it in terms that a working class person can understand, that speaks volumes in leadership and integrity. Yes, I’m probably being way to hard on my own government here, but damn it, I think Canadians have shown to much complacency when it comes to our own problems. When ever I hear my own leader talk, I seem to go into “caution mode” and wonder, with scepticism, what they are really trying to say. In other words, I don’t trust them because they have a lossy track record with political promises and not talking the truth all of the time.

President Obama talks direct and cuts through the political babel that seems to be the by-product of political marketing that other leaders depend upon both from the past and present. Maybe I’m being to critical of listening to politicians speak “spin” and political babel all of the time and spend less time listening to what the root of their direction is. Actually, I have a real challenge when listening to my own government speak because most of what they say is bipartisan redirect, political manipulation and skilfully crafted press-conferences that “brand” a political idea, and force it down the throats of every Canadian. I don’t think that’s the way to lead and govern—but hey, it got people’s votes.

Regardless, I was impressed with Obama’s address to his nation today. Perhaps if I could somehow encourage the next generation of Canadian leaders and say this, that this maybe a steppingstone towards to a winning combination of what should be expected in good leadership: education, honesty and integrity, than maybe the wheels of our country could move us forward again?

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