OK, I’m Back….. Pending.

I just finished my week long projects, one presentation and two midterms. I’m a little sore from doing 20 to 23 hours days. Last night I had only 3 hours sleep, and I’ve being on campus since 7:00am.

My presentation today was explaining the topic of Differential Association/Learning Theory, when youths and adults do certain crimes based on following peers and family ties. A closer look at this particular theory will show that this perspective only works with certain types of crimes, in our case, youth who binge drink. It would not, for example, explain someone who has a mental illness or acts in the heat of the moment.

Our group presentation contained three elements for grading: poster, booklet and presentation. Each element is worth 10 percent of the overall course mark. We where group one, the test group, and as the prof says, we set the bench mark for the rest of the term.

I estimate that we spent in total a aggregate of 40 hours from start to finish. In my email box I have over 140 of them, with 60 of them from the last 24 hours. We were in fever pitch last night as we scrambled to get everything done. The porter and booklet were basically mostly my responsibility. The poster costs us just over $50.00 and the booklet I printed from my own laser printer. The power point presentation I left to the other group members, so we were all very busy with our assignments.

This was a team effort because there was no way anyone could have done this presentation with the amount of time that we had. So I like to say publicly, a big thank you to you guys, Jill, Nisse and Fraser. Thanks. Hopefully we will get a huge mark for our effort.

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