Oh No, Not Again….. Brrrrrrrr

Oh look what Mother Nature dumped on us last night. Fort Langley lost its power for about an hour and a bit and there was accidents all over the place. Between Hope, BC and Langley, BC on highway #1, there were at least five cars piled up along the guardrail when I drove home.

This is what I saw this morning when I went out to do some laundry. The door to the truck was welded shut with ice. It was only -3C, but we are not used to this this time of year. *smerk*

2 Thoughts on “Oh No, Not Again….. Brrrrrrrr

  1. Superturtle said Watch The Green Comet Tonight . It Was. Awe some, Hope You Can See It In The City Lights . Alberta Had Colder Weather Than That And We Were Not Froze Out Of Cars

  2. Yes, I’ve seen the comet, but only for a few minutes the other night–we get too much overcast this time of year. I wanted to take photos of it, I bought an old 3.2 inch reflector and have set up with a camera mount. Timing is my bigest problem….

    Because I live so close to the river we get humidity all of the time and everything gets a coating of ice on really cold nights. It’s so bad that I don’t even lock the doors because the locks always freeze up. I’m not equiped to have an indoor parking facility–yet.

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