March Mindless Writing

I’m sitting here thinking about all the things I need to do in the next twenty four hours, but my eyelids are almost hitting the keyboard because of this stupid daylight savings-time. Come on people, haven’t you’ve heard of the light bulb?

Finally my employer has given me my T-4 form so I can send in my “out-going” tax calculations to the government’s department of revenue. “They” call it “income tax,” but that can be vary easily deceiving, just as the New Speak is in the Orwell’s novel, so I use the term “out going” because that properly describes what it is as I never get to keep any of my “income.” I had started my tax calculations way back in January, but now that I have the T-4, I see that there are several mistakes in it. When I compare what I have made to the T-4 document, I almost think that someone in the office had fallen asleep, hates me, or never properly taken the time to do my income calculations right in the first place. I hate mistakes because this means an added couple of weeks to sort them out and clarify whether I owe, or received a return. Government bureaucracy is one of most slowest moving forms of man made concepts of matter and space, making a glacier look like a mass of phantom particles reversing time at a quantum level. Even in neutral is calling it too fast.

I think that there is a correlation between the sudden onset of March frost and my ability to write term pepers. Even though I only worked a 5 hour shift today, I could not get off the couch when I did the fatal mistake of taking a five minute nap. When I awoke, six hours had passed by! My motivation is  running on empty right now; probably pure psychological, but it seems very real. When I had to chip away at the layer of frost on my wind shield this morning, I think that is when my motivation started to fade out. Ever since then, the whole day has being a struggle.

I  think I’m just going to call this a post for today. Pushing the mouse across the mouse-pad is now too much work. Nighty-night.

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