A Head of the Curve Part 2

Yes! It appears that, according to my calculations, I have kept up my average to just over 88 percent so far this term in my seminar class. This is great news.

This is one of the first classes that I have where all the marks are posted on line so I get to see and evaluate my grades in real time. This is huge motivation for me, and something that I feel I can share on the blog. I have two more exams and a group project left in this course so I’m not over the hump yet.

This class has ten of us in it, so tracking the class average is super simple. I do not know who owns which grade posted because only our student numbers are given to the corresponding grade, so there is total anonymity. Also, all the marks are shown and left on the web page so we can all see how the class is doing over all throughout the course.

2 Thoughts on “A Head of the Curve Part 2

  1. Go Tom, go!

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