Spring Ahead

Next week marks the deadline for getting money off to the University for tuition payments. Also, registration fun starts usually in the following week. Courses are getting tougher to find as I approach the end of my degree. I can’t believe that I only have a few electives and my languages to finish off then I’m free, letting loose into the world with my knowledge and skills.

Another reason why I’m so happy to be graduating soon is the economic state that our country is in. Rumours have it that curriculum with low student turn-out are going to be let go. One of my friends who is a T.A. up at SFU said that she wouldn’t be surprised if politics plays a part in what departments get shut-down. I can only imagine the politics games that are being played in every board-room these days? I’m so happy to be leaving it during this time.

Speaking of board-room politics, I see the greed and hoarding of our financial establishments is still alive and well. I received a letter from the company that is holding the last remaining retirement savings plan I have, as they are asking for more money from me and then taking more of the earning from the dividends that this money earns. Am I surprised? Not. In fact I was betting that the rate of return was going to be even lower. I pissed them off by not agreeing to move the money into another fund because of the $300.00 management fee they would get to charge from it.

I told them, “let it ride…”

They said, “you’re throwing your money away.”

Yes, better to let it evaporate then some pencil pusher have it, eh?

The fallacy here is that as the Bank of Canada now has the Prime Interest Rate set a 0.05 percent, and customers with chartered accounts are still set at paying over 800 percent more. Banks, do I look that stupid to you?

Next week are midterms for me. I have two, plus one more presentation to do then I ride until finals which are in four weeks. One of my exams is a take-home exam. One would think that these take-home exams are sweet, but they mean more research, more lengthier answers, and a far more ridged marking requirement. I hate them, but love them too because I can do the work during my own time, and write the exam in seconds—basically handing in an answer sheet, and then having the rest of the day off. Most classes do not have lectures after exams unless the course is way behind schedule, so fortunately this happens rarely.

I’m thinking very seriously about doing a practicum. I’m having some huge anxiety problems with not knowing what the state of my employer is, and dealing with rumours and the facade of evil intent that seems to appear when employees are faced with the termination of employment. We all know that Canada is in far worse shape than what the media is telling us, so everyone is on high alert as any sign is acted upon with sacrosanct vigilance as office meetings are becoming far more common. I’m thinking that if my number comes up I might as well do something with my unemployment time than waiting in a government line-up begging for handouts. The tough part is choosing what practicum to do? I know from basic research that anything to do with crime will increase with opportunities, so correction, law enforcement, courts, parole, restorative justice, and so on, these are all possibilities.

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