It’s 8:54am, What are your Kids Up To?

It’s 8:54am, the windows are covered with little water droplets that seems to suggest that it is still very misty outside. I have a song called “The Greatest Lie of them all,” playing in the background, and with the dim light outside, this is creating a very weird atmosphere inside my bedroom–almost like someone took my room and put inside another. Even the keyboard had a weird reflection of purple-blueish light coming from off of the keys. Maybe I should check to see if some didn’t drag my trailer away from the park….

Last night we had a power outage from a storm that rolled in from off of the Pacific, so I’m well rested because I went straight to bed once it looked like the power was going to be out all night. I know it was a bad storm because of all the branches pine-cones on the ground. All my clocks were blinking “12:00am” so that didn’t make getting out of bed any easer.

This morning I had get out of bed early on my “day off” from work to deal with registration deadlines for next semester and pay my Web Services Provider for the web space for this blog, both of which made a huge hit on my weekly budget. Nothing like driving during rush-hour traffic when you don’t have to! I think I typed about how much I hate rush-hour traffic in the last few months–well I still hate it. Nothing like a “near miss” to get the blood flowing in the morning.

I had no idea just how bad the Canadian Dollar is doing compared to the U.S. Dollar. Once I did the exchange rate, paid the service charge, it was almost $1.30 to one U.S. Dollar! However, I should also say that even with the over inflated exchange rate, the U.S. company that I deal with for my web service had lowered its prices by almost 50 percent as they are being hit with one of the worse economic downturns in living history. Comparing this to what I would pay in may own back yard for this type of service, it is still a huge deal and savings in my back pocket. Canadian companies beware—if you don’t compete with the global markets you will soon be even lower than the U.S. economy is right now. I don’t think even the Harper and Whiner government would dare legislate laws that would prevent consumers from buying services across the borders, let alone tax them to death?

Normally good news, my registration date is tomorrow at 10.00am, but I’m writing an exam later in the afternoon and I must work a 5 hour shift first thing in the morning. It looks like that I maybe late on choosing my classes for the summer semester. Oh yes, I decided to go back for another summer of classes because I want to start right into the graduate program for Fall of 2009. And on top of this, I have a midterm on Wednesday right at 8:00am so I have to set aside some studing time for that. OMG, I need a couple of 30 hour days.

This song, “The Greatest Lie of them all,” was something that helped co-wrote way back in my youth around 1988. It’s about how parents lie to their children, like the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa, and from that the spin-offs of even bigger lies that go out of control, and then you perpetuate them onto your children, and so on. I think the crux of the message is that at some point in your life when you discover that the Easter Bunny was something far different than that you were told, the song deals with what you had to deal with, the miss trust and the lie, and then try to make sense of it all—all  in a 12 year old’s mind.

What weird start to the day….

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