Registration Day

Well, I’m registered for the next semester, the lonely summer term where you sit inside a classroom while the sun, the girls, the sounds of laughter are all on the other side of the glass. It was a torturous three hours of pounding away on the keyboard and feverishly clicking the mouse on the registration website trying to find a combination of classes that will fit into my work schedule, but I did it. Talk about anxiety and turmoil, I think I got my schedule worked out, but I figure I should at least check my seating arraignment with the counsellor before I can say it’s all good.

On top of all this, I have an exam first thing to tomorrow morning. Nothing like an adrenaline rush to keep me on my toes! This is that dreaded “take-home” exam I was typing about back around the beginning of the month. Take Homes are the worse because they usually involve ten times more work than a written one, or require a hundred times the preparation that a multiple guess requires. These exams are definitely one sure way of making sure you have read the course textbooks though—geesh.

So, the theme for this term will be International Law. Probably a look at how crime transcends across geopolitical boarders and methods in which it operates. It’s an under graduate course, so it has no posted syllabus yet. Can’t wait…

Oh, and I surpassed the $30,000.00 mark as far as investing in my education goes. Sadly, I’m not done yet. Maybe another five grand; I haven’t added up what my future expenses are going to be—maybe I’ll keep that a surprise.

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