G-Boing or Spring?

I had to scrape the frost from off of my wind-shield this morning as the overnight temperature dipped down to -4C. Actually, not only was the glass covered in frost, but all the mirrors and headlights too. For the first day of spring 2009, the season is off to a slow start. Even the evil Robbins were not up when I headed off to work this morning. Normally the birds are chirping away so loudly that they sometimes wake me up before my alarm clock does. This morning not even the Male birds bothered to sit on the green fence to claim their territory and lure the Females over to the best patch of lawn in the park—it was that cold—the girls probably stayed in bed until well after the sun came up. So, it was cold, quiet and frosty.

In Fort Langley, we have the train-station museum and park, right on the corner of Mavis Street, and Glover Rood. The caretaker who lives there puts in a huge amount of hours every year to keep the grounds looking magnificent and colourful. Not surprisingly, hundreds of newly weds flock there to have their photos taken because of the beauty and unique history the museum presents. When I drove by the grounds I saw that the front grassy area was covered with garbage and wood. It looked like someone had knocked a garbage can over and its contents fell out. When I looked closer, there was no garbage can, and the garbage was pieces of excess roofing material that was cut way from the construction of a house. It appeared that the pieces of tar-paper fell off of a truck on to the road and the wind had blown it onto the grass. But then I noticed that there were pieces of metal straps and chunks of small wood. The wind didn’t blow those on to the grass.

It bothers me that someone would do something like this. It is one thing for garbage to accentually fall off of a truck on to the road, but another to kick it around onto the grass and into a park. The driver, if he or she was professional, would have stopped and recovered their litter, but the dump and run attitude seems prevalent at an alarming rate on our roads. It is more disturbing that someone would then take that garbage and kick it around all over a park and spell “F-U” with the wood so everyone on the road can admire it.

I don’t think people appreciate just how much work is put in these parks, especially this one. With the amount of traffic that goes through the grounds alone, I can only imaging that it is a full time job for the caretaker with just the maintenance. I enjoy the flowerbeds, trees and buildings in that park, so I say, “Shame on you” whoever you are for doing that. Maybe someday you’ll be faced with your work and effort defaced, and I hope then that you can reflect on what you did and see just how much pain you’ve caused.

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