What’s New in Tom’s World–here’s some stuff.

A couple of things that have being going on in the last couple of days….

No Web Page Issues: If you clicked on the website yesterday and notice that there was just a “notification” page instead of my web page, don’t worry, it was just because I had a payment issues with my service provider. It took longer than usual for the money order to arrive down to California. I suspect it had to spend a few days at the border due to security reasons. They received the money, and I’m good for another year.

EXAMS: Yesterday was the last of the mid-terms until finals. I also have one more…, nope, scratch that, two more presentations to do before last class. In both Wednesday classes the lectures were extra intents with non-stop notes. I almost set a personal record in my CRIM3100 class with 12 pages of typed notes ploughed through in a three hour period. My poor lap-top was making lots of noise towards the end as the keys seemed well worn after that.

Actually this is funny, when the prof changes slides on the power-point, all you can hear for the next ten seconds are hundreds of fingers pounding away on keyboards, like the sputtering sound that a hard-drive makes.

CLASSES: I have two more regular weeks left in the semester, then the exam week where I’m writing one exam then. Soon the summer season will be here. I have only two class scheduled for the summer semester, that’s all I could afford unless Revenue Canada steps on it with my Tax Refund. *smile*

WORK: I maybe getting my schedule switched around at work. It appears that I maybe getting the weekends off as the company is scaling back its hours of operations. In some ways I’ll miss working the weekends, but in general I’m happy to be on normal shift with everyone else again. I won’t miss the traffic though—one of the benefits of leaving for work on a Sunday morning is hardly anyone else up yet. I could always get to work in record time while driving the speed limit. The new hours will make juggling classes and class times a little more difficult, but I did for the last two years; I think I’ll manage OK.

So that’s it for now. Oh, and thank you for all the email about my last post regarding Linux showing up Microsoft’s radar. As you noticed I didn’t post any of them, but I did reply to you all. Please remember that I will not allow profanities on my web site no matter how much you agree the operating system sucks.

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