Lights Out

In about thirty minutes I will do my bit and shut off all my unnecessary lights, and other electrical appliances, for Earth Hour. Why not?

When I thought about what I was going to do for Earth Hour, I thought how many power sucking and redundant devices I could turn off. It wasn’t until looking in my little storage space that I notice that there was a LED on the power converter next to my breaker-box. I remembered about a news story I saw last year about Vampire Devices, where part of the appliance is turned on all of the time. The microwave oven for example always has the LED clock on, or the CRT-TV which needs to be warmed up so that when you “flick the switch” the screen instantly appears. All of these devices need to be consuming electricity all of the time to work like they do.

I thought about how I was going to rid myself of all these energy sucking devices so that I could save a few dollars, but also save the amount of electricity I was using over the course of a year. Some appliances it was as simple as hooking them up to a power-bar that has switch on it, and whenever I needed a cup of coffee I would turn on the power-bar and then off again when the coffee was made. Some devices are not so easy to fix, like my breaker box with the LED light on it. I’m sure if I apply some further thought to this problem I will come up with a solution—hey, this is what Earth Hour is all about.

Well, time to turn off my lights. Maybe I’ll turn off my computer too and have just one lamp on and read for a while. I am tired and need a break from the noise that all these devices make anyway.

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