Fooling April

Well…, I’m running on 18 consecutive hours of none stop work, including a half day at work, and tons of preparations for my presentations tomorrow. I have to be up at 5:45am to make it to the campus for 7:00am to set up—am I nuts! I am so not prepared. I hate it when I loose control of my daily activities and my routines are plundered into chaos. I depend on so many people through the course of my daily activities, and when they fail, they take me with them.

When I got up this morning to head out to work, I noticed that several more people had just moved from the park. I know of two neighbours who are moving but will spend the next month slowly gathering their belongings from their sites before it becomes official. I asked them if this is in turn due to the economic downturn. They say no, but does an upgrade in accommodations count as part of economic reality? As for the two new vacant spots, well, maybe they are gone to find greener fields away from the over inflated prices of the Fraser Valley?

So what useful thoughts can I put into today’s posts, well, tomorrow is April 1st, or April Fools Day, and already I found some good jokes on the net and it’s not officially Fools Day yet. A friend of mind who loves downloading P2P files, showed me this web page that just made me laugh today. If you didn’t get it, “Think, downloading movies without paying for them–and the love between the Intranet and Hollywierd.” Also, tomorrow is the supposedly big début of the Conflicer C. Worm that will attack up-to 40 million computers tomorrow who run the Microsoft OP. It’s so exciting….

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