April Sure Started off with a White Fluffy Downpour!

I was sitting in my 8:00am class waiting for the prof to get everything set up for his lecture when I looked outside and saw big fat white fluffy snow flakes raining down like crazy. It was an unwelcome sight to see this weather move in like this. I remember this time last year everyone was already wearing T-shirts and shorts, and the cherry blossoms were out too. Today, winter jackets and hats were the choice of outerwear. But worse, it was so cold and wet out—I could see my breath—and it’s April?

A little update from the big infected Microsoft PC Conflecker Worm. I asked around in my classes today to see if anyone had experienced the wrath of the Worm, and no one noticed anything out of the ordinary with their laptops. In fact, the network seemed to run flawlessly with the exception of 11:00am slowdown as students changed classes; that’s when so many users log on and bog the system down. So maybe the slimy Conflicker Worm was just a hoax, an over exaggeration of a over reported, media hyped story that took off like a wildfire through a drought ridden forest. Oh well, it was fun to imagine the world diving into chaos as all the Microsoft computers crashed at once. I hadn’t had this sort of imaginative fun since the Y2K scare.

One more week left in the regular semester. One more week to go till exams. I have one final paper and one exam to write. Yes, the end is oh so near. I have an appointment with the department counsellor to discuss what my next moves should be as I head closer towards graduation. The choices are getting narrower as all my requirements are being filled in my BA program. I wish I had more money to just take an 18 credit semester and be done with it, but the calendar would not permit that with so few choices available to me at this time. Summer classes are next.

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