Ubuntu Equals Freedom

I was working with some friends, former colleagues from University who have long since graduated, when I found out that they too were using Open Source Operating Systems on their laptops. In fact, one of them uses it for her work right within Corrections Canada, primarily for the security! I guess a few years ago one of the PCs was stolen from an employees’ car and it was believed that the machine contained some personal data on it, so ever since then all computers must pass inspection when entering and leaving some of the departments and area facilities. Some Hard Drives were accidentally wiped clean due to these inspections, and it was soon a problem reinstalling some of the Closed Sourced OS products when the licences and agreements would expire.

I was impressed when I found other users who were very adaptive with the software. I’ve always boasted that Open Sourced software would do very well in commercial application—here’s proof. I think people need to get over the ignorance part about security. Open Source does not mean that you can freely hack onto a Open Source machine without permission. I say good luck with that. Trying to open a Hard Drive with the latest Open Source Security functions installed would be a very painful experience. Perhaps in a later post I will list what I do for my security, and all of the wonderful tools that are available to do this with.

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