When Programs Break

I love creating computer generated graphics. I like doing the whole rendering process, from creating the shapes and adding lighting, to pretty much the whole experience of creating something that does not exist in reality. I’ve created some scenes that were very close to what you perceive as a real photographic image, to the weird and freakish image that would be impossible to exist in the real world. So when I did the upgrade to KDE-4, my favourite scene and rendering program KPovModeler was broken.

The shock came when I decide that I would render some of the scenes I created several months ago. One scene in particular took me several hours to create and almost 3 hours to render. I was in disbelief when I fired up KPovModeler and it was broken.

Fortunately all those days of using POV-Ray back in the good old days of using command-lines paid off. At least I was able to get my CG (computer graphics) fix by output(ing) a command-line scrip and then rendering from the command-line.

I really like using KpovModeler and POV-Ray, so I sure hop that the bugs are fixed in the KDE-4 soon. I could go into withdrawal soon without my CG fix!

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