Yes, Week Fourteen: The Last Class for the Winter Term.

A bunch of stuff to talk about today. I have so much news about myself and everything around me that I can only get just a bit in this post because of time restraints. So, here I go….

At the top of my list are all the drivers who have bad habits, especially those who who like to cut people off by ignoring stop signs; swerve into other lanes without signalling; those who tailgate and follow way to close; smokers who throw their cigarettes butts out of their windows so that they land on the vehicle behind them; and last but not least, drivers who do not let pedestrians cross along the cross walk because they are in so much of a hurry to catch up to the car in front of them.  This brings me to what I think is stellar news: The Albion Ferry will close on July 31, 2009! What does this have to do with drivers with poor driving skills? Well, Fort Langley will once again be a place of peace and quiet, and have roads without ignorant drivers who swarm us every 15 minutes. This means that pedestrians, i.e., ME, will no longer have to deal with drivers hitting, cutting, or running into me because they see a “meat-bag” cutting them off on “their” so called road. For those of you happy motorists who travel through Fort Langley and enjoy running into people along cross-walks, you obviously did not pass your driver’s exam because you have to yield the right of way along cross-walks—yes it is right there in the law books. Oh, you are shocked that there is such a Law on the books? Then you should have your licences taken away! Obey the Law!

I am looking forward to when the Ferry closes on July 31. I think this is good. I have thought about the pros and cons on this subject for a long time, but have come to the conclusion that the pros out weigh it all. Once the bridge is finished then there is just no point in having the ferry running any more. Sure, the ferry people are going loose their jobs, and yes, drivers will have to pay a toll, but hey, just think how fast your commute will be. Any self respecting conservative thinking person will appreciate the benefits that privatisation is brining to the lower mainland.

My last official class of the semester ended today. I can’t believe that I spent 12 hours at the University. So far my marks are 93%, 89,2% & 88.9%. In my CRIM3100 class I was told that I tied in highest marks for that class; however, remember that I still have a final to do for that class. Last night I stayed up until 11:00pm writing my last draft from my other criminology class, and I had to work on my psychology paper which was dealing with the topic of moral values and violent criminal behaviour. Both papers were due today.

In classes today, the grand topic or theme, was the economy and gang shootings. These are two very big topics that everyone has an opinion on.  I had ask my economics professor, of whom I had over a year ago, what he thinks is going to happen here in the Metro Vancouver area over the next couple of years. His answer shocked me as he pointed me to a website talking about a me named “Dr. Doom.” OK, if this guy is the Nostradomus of our era, then we are all in big trouble. If the US keeps printing money like crazy, then it devalues, and we get the great depression of the 1930s all over again. And will Canada be OK? We are tied so closely to the US that we are just a toothpick beside the sponge of death on lake kitchen sink. Anyway, this is a bad time to graduate into…. Can we say, PhD. in particle physics working at a greasy-spoon for low wages! Oh, and there is a connection to the gang Shootings and money: people owe people money–and if they can’t pay, well, gangs have their own methods of collections. Plus fighting over turf is an issue too.  I think we are at shooting number 50 now….since the spike in stats started?

Damn, it was a great day!

One Thought on “Yes, Week Fourteen: The Last Class for the Winter Term.

  1. Tom – I cannot make a joke about your shabby marks, what stellar work you’ve been doing. Congratulations my friend! That is amazing.
    Speaking for all of us out here that read your blog, pat pat pat, and kudos to you, and we’re very proud of you.
    Cheers, diane

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