It’s Official—I’m Unemployed

This morning around 10:30 we were called for a general meeting after the warehouse manager came back form an emergency meeting in Langley City. Everyone was called into the shipping receiving area for the news. The manager’s face was stern and energetic as he spared no time in belting out the news. Even he looked bewildered and choked as he spoke.

Effective April 30th, 2009 the company I work for will no long exist as it does now. Its contract with the Ontario distributor has had the plug pulled, and because of this we will loose 70 percent of our infrastructure. The remaining commercial/non-residential work will not be enough to support all of the British Columbian outlets, so roughly 70 high-paid people will be laid-off. In effect, the Eastern Canadian company will scale back all of its operations through one of their current outlets who is currently set-up in Western Canada.  This is all of the information that I know currently. And  of course I’m deliberately leaving out the my employer’s name because I do not want to harm the existing staff that are still there—the media has not being informed yet.

I’m taking this good. I was somewhat prepared for this because I saw the writing on the wall–really. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and anyone can predict that the world is collapsing into a economic tailspin, but I think a lot more people are going to weather this period than what some are predicting. For me, I cut way back on my spending and started saving, knowing that Banks are cutting back too, so it was a no-brainner that consumers should be doing the same. Boy, am I thankful that I did this!

So, what to do? I will stick around and help out with the packing, cleaning and shipping. I know they will need some labour for that. I will see how they will pay us—hoping that it will be cash. Cash doesn’t bounce—if you know what I mean.

I will be missing some of the staff. I had formed some good friendships over the last while and I will be sorry to see them go. I know some of these people that I worked with will have a very difficult road ahead of them. Some have families and huge mortgage payments to make, and finding a good paying job right now is not happening. I wish everyone well in the days to come, and I’m sure it will all work itself out soon.

I will not lay blame or start accusing anyone of mismanagement—there’s not point. No one saw this coming in terms of magnitude and timing, so I think we can all agree that this was another “out of control” chain of events that no one could have stopped. From what I’m hearing is that the economy may not have played that big of role than what we might have thought—we just lost the contract, perhaps from a major restructuring shake-down, and we couldn’t make the deal sweeter? How knows.

I will put more information out here as soon I get more time. Don’t worry—I’m doing OK.

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