Three As in a Row!

I finely got my grades in today. I’m the proud owner of three As for the spring term. What a relief. My lowest grade was a dismal A-, followed by two As. I would have never imagined achieving a mark of A in a theory class, but somehow I did it.

Now that I have finished doing the victory dance, about two minutes of humiliation, I’m settling back to resting and enjoying a killer day wonderful weather. I have two weeks until my summer term starts so I want to take every moment of peace and relaxation that I can get before I head back. I must be a keener for doing summer classes—oh well, getting it done is my goal.

And today was the first official day wearing a T-shirt. Rumour has it that the rest of the week is going to be like this; maybe shorts will be the wardrobe for tomorrow. I must be careful because my legs haven’t seen good sun in so long so I could blind someone from them from the reflection….

2 Thoughts on “Three As in a Row!

  1. Ferry trip? You comming over here or us going over there? 😀

  2. I’m not sure when, but if food prices keep climbing, some sort of long distance buying maybe the way to go. There would need to be a substantial price difference before taking the ferry would make sense. Maybe we need to start comparing prices in our region in the mean time?

    Hey, you could use your boat instead? 😎

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