So, What Should I do?

Today was a busy day. I did a four hour shift at work first thing this morning, muddled around there for the whole shift, mostly took in the gossip about whether or not we are employed, or unemployed. Then straight home for a quick change into my shirt and tie for a job interview, then raced back home before hitting the rush hour traffic. It was the sunshine that kept my enthusiasm up because it was not the job or job searching that was doing it.

So, technically, I’m still employed, but now it seems the job may run eight more weeks instead of ending at the end of this month. I’ve decided to do a full scale search. Already I have had three call backs asking for interviews, so even though we are in a full scale recession, people are hiring.

I hate the lack of information that I’m receiving at my current job. It changes from hour to hour, day to day,  no one ever telling the whole story or saying what is the absolute fact about what is going on.  It is like we wait for anyone who walks in the building, we swarm them asking if they have heard anything new. I only talked to the owner for about five minutes, and he told me that the company was not going to “roll over,” whatever that means.

I had to clarify my position and say that I wish to stay as long as possible in my current job. I know it will be very rough and painful over the next couple of weeks, and I am expecting that when we do the transition, it will be very busy for that last few days of employment. I use the phrase, “digging our own graves,” as to the type of work we have left to do. The latest batch of emails say we have a possible sixty day transition period—oh joy, eight weeks of fun.

My manager has been given his request, his two weeks notice, so he is gone. That just leaves the two of us in the building. Already I have learned that certain operations are going ahead and I will not be apart of the loop, so that really seals my long term commitments with the company—I will not work blind or do redundant duties. It is a pity though, when everyone has a “half-baked-plan,” knowing that it will be impossible to follow through and failure is inevitable. Even with the changes, I can only guess that things will stay the same: SNAFU.

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