Skewer De Potato-Head Dude

You ever had one of those days where it went by so fast that you never had time to take all in, but when you got home and poured yourself a stiff latte, it hits you, right in the gut. Well, today was one of those days. As you may have remembered from my past posts of the last three weeks, my job hangs in the balance. Actually, everyone at work is living in a state of wondering “whose next” as the pooh hits the ventilation system. You see, I have not been given any notice, and the same goes for the other dude I directly work with. So, I, or we, are not sure what is going on—whether we are going, gone or safe?

Everyday has been like a roller-coaster of emotions. The water-cooler bubbles with news as members from the company come and go. One minute you think you are safe, then in a split second you are thrust with “the skewer of gossip” that throws you back on your butt with a slam-dunk. It never stops: one minute after another, one comment to the next—it just keeps on going—like the Energizer Bunny.

Take for example my co-worker who depends on his job, and values it very much. He has worked very hard and has dedicated himself to the best performance that an employee could possibly give to it. He had work tirelessly and over come huge obstacles to achieve what we have today, with little or no resources. He had performed with nothing short of a miracle with the tools that were available to him, and got no thanks for it. Sure, this may sound a little over dramatic, but if you were in his shoes you’d be thinking the same thing.

As the day wore on, more news bubbled up at the water-cooler. The manager walks in and stated that another employee would be taking over the warehouse department very soon. I gawked at the idea that we would be replaced by someone else who has no experience in our department whatsoever.  But in the true company fashion this was the company way—as history now dictates. Without warning and just causes the day changed yet again, though this time instead of my butt being on the line, it was someone else’s.

There is a sign in the office that reads, “The Lord Blesses….,” and yet it was William Shakespeare who wrote, “The devil can quote scripture too.” Perhaps this is the balance: the Yin and the Yang. Maybe this was meant to be, the “trickle down” effect that economist’s like to talk about as our world runs circles in a chaotic pattern from the after effects of greed and mismanagement. Maybe we have been mislead into a falsehood, lured by candy or yummy grain, and we are further deceiving ourselves like the chickens runing throughout the barnyard as the farmer tries to catch one us for his dinner.

3 Thoughts on “Skewer De Potato-Head Dude

  1. Hang in there Chicken Little!! Have you started looking for work yet?

  2. Heh heh, I was thinking more like “The Chicken Run.” …and yes, I have started the hunt.

  3. Run little Chicken Run….

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