Kids of the Farm: to Funny

“I will blast you into infinity…., and you will die there because I command it”!

Awh, kids are so funny. They take in everything they see on television, and the need to act out that everything is so incredible on so many levels. Take for example the three I was in charge of today: Dave, 8; Laura, 6; and Trevor, 4.5. And no these are not version numbers, it is their ages.

Dave and Laura were playing/fighting amongst themselves when Trevor decided that he wanted to take in some TV time. That was find by me as long as I got to choose what it was that they were going to watch. Plus, I only had them for a couple of hours while their parents had to attend an emergency meeting with their Bank—mortgage troubles. I was the only available baby sitter for such short notice.

The choices were, from the DVD bin, Clock Work Orange, A.I., The Matrix, Monster House and Death Race 2000. So, by acclimation Monster House was going to be the midday matinee for Trevor.

Well into the video all three were inside glued to the TV screen. It was like magic as the animation wove with the voices of the actors, and the kids never missed a beat as they watched. Laura was the funniest because when the “old man” talked and the house moved, she would jump up and hide behind the sofa. Dave kept asking me questions throughout the whole movie about what was going on, but it was Trevor who sat and stared, like he was witnessing the rebirth of humankind–he was awestruck.

The real action stared when the movie ended, and we had our debriefing. Laura politely asked if she could call her mother on the cellphone, while Dave and Trevor dashed outside to play. Within ten minutes all three were playing, “Monster House,” out on the front lawn. For twenty minutes I could hear all of the lines from the movie being acted out.

Now I see the issues about how and why parents need to take stock about what their children see on TV. The Kids do not miss anything, and if you are not there to field those all important questions then they formulate their own—and then the possibilities start whether good or bad.

Trevor was the best when he yelled out, “I will blast you to infinity.” Perhaps it will take him ten to twelve more years to figure it all out, but in the mean time pretending is so much fun.

7 Thoughts on “Kids of the Farm: to Funny

  1. So you do baby sit…interesting 😀
    Dima and his friends at school like to act out ManTracker from the discovery chanal. One kid would be ManTracker and the others would be the Pray. It’s really cute the hear about the ManTracker tales at the dinner table 🙂

  2. Oh-No! I only agreed because they were between a rock in and a hardplace. I only live less than a block away so it was the conveniences more than anything that created this “rare” babysitting experience. They have great kids, but three was way too many. And I don’t do diapers.

    I think you meant “Prey,” right? One was the prey in Man tracker that was being hunted?

  3. Yup. Have you seen the show? Anyways the boys love it.

  4. Yes, I’ve seen it, but I don’t like–it is too phoney. They should make it more real, with no rules. And to add more excitement they should switch between amateurs and professional runners and trackers, maybe throw in some criminals too.

    But I can see how the boys can hooked on it.

  5. Have you done your taxes yet? Tonight, midnight is the deadline. 😉

  6. Nope….No money to pay for someone to do it for me. DM decided that his drivers licence was more inportant then my Tax’s.

  7. You should try doing it yourself? It is more satisfying to know that anything coming back on a return is all yours as opposed to paying money to a middle man.

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