May Day Means One More Day Closer to Summer

When I woke up this morning, it was to the blinding rays of sunlight beaming through my window. This window normally does not received any light for most of the year other than the pesky street-lamp during the night. For a brief couple of weeks during the spring and fall seasons the sun is at the exact position where it’s light can be seen in my bedroom. This sucks if you want to sleep in.

Having to wake up with the light shining in my face is annoying. I installed metal mini blinds several years ago to deal with this problem, but even through the cracks the light is enough to wake me up. Now staying asleep is becoming a challenge when I need my beauty sleep on a work night.

This week the Sun is peering over the horizon at 5:30am, and it is amazing that I’m wearing sunglasses when I drive off to work now. I’m still stuck in Winter Time—too much light so early is shocking. Heck, six weeks ago I think we were shoveling snow with less than eight hours of daylight…

This evening I thought it was 6:00pm when really it was 7:45pm because of how much light there was in the sky.  This adjusting to the growing photo period is tough on me when I have such a inconsistent scheduled to keep at work too. But who am I to complain when the day time high reached 23.C! Now I think I should start worrying about servicing the air conditioner for the up coming heat waves the weather forecasters are telling us about because I certainly do not want to be kept of guard for that?

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