There is a Time for Change

The old job is now the new job. With a new leader, and a new layout of the company, change is now the only certainty that can be counted on. Nothing is “for sure” any more because I still do not know what will happen beyond the six week period when the company looses all of it’s major money making accounts. But for now change is happening in leaps and bounds.

The very first thing that took place when the new manager took hold was a change in personal positioning. By keeping the original staff that was left over from the collapse, he has established new details for those who work in particular positions and moved timetables around to suit the new working day. I am assuming that these are his ideas, as something he like to see under his idea of a workplace structure, but the changes are drastic are going to be for some people.

The only major change for me is that I will loose my four day per week status. He had told me that he needed my skills and other valued qualities that he sees, and because of this, he suggested that I work a five day work week and open the building—although all of this have not being finalized by the big Kahoona. The impact is not that drastic for me because I can still work around these hours while finishing off my classes, so no real harm there. Only the increased expense of using my vehicle for that extra day will hurt as it will cost me more money on a already tight budget. So the changes are actually positive for me.

Some of my colleagues will bulk at some of the new changes coming up, I know this for sure. I know the person who will be doing the new “afternoon shift” will suffer when his hours are changed. With the extra day added, this will mean that he gets to sleep in everyday, but will leave later, and will have to work that extra day—with the possibility of working overtime. Actually, in his case, overtime will be an almost certainty because of the layout of the shifts—he is the last person standing.

Monday will be interesting. With uncertainty and change popping up at any time around any corner the old nerves are getting their lifetime workout. I am still prepared for the inevitable lay-off as the company whines down its operation. Finishing off my degree full-time is becoming a fact—I have paperwork and it just need to sealed and sent off then approved. I can see myself doing the student load route to finish everything up so that I can move back into the workforce as an acedemic. So ya, change—wonderful eh? In the mean time I am happy; I don’t know why, but I am.

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