The Best Dating Tips I’ve Heard So Far!

It was back on Sunday when I was sitting back in my comfy chair that is parked in front of the T.V. when I saw the last part of a cartoon program. What I caught just floored me. I was laughing when one of the characters was trying to help his best friend find a date because he made a bet. The guy who was doing the match-making had himself a secret admirer who tried in earnest to attract his attention so he would at least see her and know she had a huge crush on him. While she was competing for her love’s attention throughout the skit, she would pop in and give tips on dating.

I don’t know the name of the cartoon, nor the names of the characters in it, but I do know that it was on one of the cable channels that regularly hosts cartoons—I just can’t find it again. So I thought it would be fun to do some of my own cartoon drawings and list what I heard on that program. I hope there is no issues with content rights?

So, here they are:

Tip #1 Cast your net wide.
Tip #2 If you are not having any success, then lower your standards.
Tip #3 Never stay in a relationship that isn’t working.

There you go, the three tips on dating success. All three tips seem to be very relevant and basic—probably too basic, but nonetheless very relevant. The first tip seems obvious as you need to advertise your availability, whether traveling to more locations, or using your network of friends to find your prospective mate. The second tip, even though it sounds funny, it has a lot of merit. I know that our social standards are extremely high and getting that “number ten” can be very difficult when only less than three-one hundredths of a percent of the population meets those standards. But of course, tip number three speaks volumes for those who seem to have gone too far from the second tip, and are desperate to be in a relationship and then find themselves stuck with someone they are not compatible with.

In the cartoon, the near by lake had nothing but “man eating fish” in it, so the “net” analogy drove home the point of one having to be careful of what you’ll catch when casting your net. It reminded me of a real life relationship I one had when I met a lovely woman who seemed to be the ideal partner but had this little problem of larceny and cheque cashing fraud. From that experience I failed miserably on all three tips simultaneously.

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  1. Boy Tom….you need to get out more often 😀

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