The Wonderful Semester of Summer, and My ISP Sucks!

The first day of classes were fun, and I still have one more to go before I can turn the page on “week one.” So far the best class looks like my CRIM4900 class on International Crime, a preceptorial style class, or for you old school types it is also known as a seminar taught course. The prof seems to be well qualified to teach it, as she works for the RCMP, and has done most of her academic training throughout Europe. I think we are lucky to have someone of her calibre, and I am looking forward to all the materials that we are going to be covering in the weeks ahead. Some of the preliminary readings look very interesting, especially the arguments over terminology and usage of the label transnational crime vrs international crime by academics, governments and bushinesses. And the other neat quality about the class is that there is no textbooks for it as all readings are either in video format, or on-line text and in library resource materials.

My ISP (Internet Service Provider) is really ****ing me off right now. Today marks another day out of two with down service so far this week. I had no service on Tuesday all day, and right around 3:00pm today it was down—and is still out—as of this writing. I am paying Shaw Cable damn good money to have my machines connected to the Internet, and so far they are really trying my patiences. If these long outages continue then I will have to move my business over to Telus or go with Satellite (which is a smaller band width, but more reliable). In the long run I may need to change who I do business with, and during these hard economic times I do not think that companies would want to loose too many of their customers because of poor service. * hint *

Spreadsheets are either your best friend or they are your worst nightmare. So far this week I have being asked to create spreadsheet for two different people. One person just needs the basics, or the rudimentary in-out and balance type while the other needs to consolidate a huge amount of data and thus a massive undertaking for both of us. For both people I don’t mind it doing this, but I fear that teaching people from scratch on how to use spreadsheets may require more time than they realize. I have learned over the years to treat spreadsheets like as if I were teaching people how to use a new desktop, (only the Linux community will understand this) so they are fully aware of all the procedures that are involved with using them. And I use Open Office for this because of the stability and ease of use as opposed to other commercial products that have way too much eye candy and are cumbersome to use for everyday simple items—and it’s free for personal use. So it will be interesting to see how this teaching experience goes. Remember, spreadsheets are our friends in the business world and we need to use them right to keep all our wonderful money in balance.

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    Which part: The Semester, my ISP or those spreadsheets?


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