Ulterior Motives, My Assumptions and Lessons Learned

I have had three situations last week where I guessed what I thought were the underline motives of people’s actions, yet when I questioned them I was given completely different answers from my initial thoughts. You know when you assume that people are doing something, and you make assumptions, and they are totally wrong. I have being doing a lot of this recently. Maybe I have being just catching myself doing this because I am more aware of it, or this is a truly recent phenomena that is developing?

My first event took place at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University book store. In the past students normally had to put their pack-sacks, purses and sometimes jackets on the floor near the entrance  of the store because textbook theft was so ramped. Also, a security guard was stationed at the front entrance. I remember talking to one of the employees who said that even with those measures in place the theft rate was still incredibly high. So, naturally when the new store layout was implemented this semester, students where now allowed to carry their purses, pack-sacks and jackets into the store, and the clerks now had to go to a back room to collect the textbooks and bring them up front for the sale to take place. Interestingly, the security guard was still stationed at the entrance. I asked the clerk if this new policy was due to textbook theft. She laughed, and said that it was done to create more selling area inside the store.

Event number two took place with my next door neighbour who bought a small camera mounted on the back of his mobile trailer. I thought that it was for surveillance purposes, and gleefully advised him that he should put out a light during the night time so the camera could see. He replied that the camera was for backing up when he will be taking the trailer on the road. He said the trailer was a real hassle for him to park while backing up in a parking lot or a long narrow driveway.

I was talking to this friend of mine who had a very small camera that was part of a key-chain. I told her that that was a very good idea for people who drive and may find themselves in a accident. Photos tell more of a story than an eye witness. She looked at me like I had just fallen off of the turnip wagon. She told me that is was not a camera, but a fancy key holder. She told me that her Cell Phone has a camera on it.

I think the lesson is that people may not always being doing things that I assume they might be doing based on their actions.

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