A Very Good Upgrade (Ubuntu 9.04) and Mums the Word

Looks like Mother’s Day has arrived and everyone will try and either contact their mother, or wish her a happy Mother’s Day. Because of my busy schedule this weekend I may have to forego the phone call until this Wednesday, but I will say this now, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

Last night I did the upgrade once I was satisfied that all my favourite programs were still going to work. The release of Ubuntu 9.04, the Jaunty Jackalope, actually came out in April, but having learned the lesson the hard way, I found waiting a few weeks pays off as it gives the community a chance to fix most of the bugs that pop up from each “short term” release.

The only big issue I had was loosing my sound. I have to use Pulse Audio software as the ALSA programs seem to have been messed up in the repositories. It was scary at first because of the new format with the audio selectors and configuration set-up, but after about twenty minutes my speakers were pumping out lovely sounds of music.

Jaunty, Ubuntu 9.04 has one of the fastest boot ups I have ever seen so far. It now takes my machine about ten to twelve seconds from start to desktop. These are boot times that only Window$ users can only dream of. Remember, I did an upgrade, so I have a lot of stuff on this box that needs to be started during boot-up, as opposed to a clean install.

Oh, and don’t ask me what a Jackalope is. I have no idea, nor have I ever heard of such animal. Someone said that it was a rabbit with antlers? Go figure….

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