The Messed Up Sleep Schedule

Yikes! I am tired. The evening class on Monday just wrecked my sleeping pattern up. If it were not for having tomorrow off from work I think I would have spent the rest of the week trying to catch up on all the sleep I missed. Yes… I just got up from a mid day nap—which was probably a mistake, but I feel good anyway.

Though last night’s class was exciting, week 2 on International  Crime, it was the final game of the Vancouver Canucks that was also playing too, so there were some big distractions going on in the class. As the prof was lecturing, students with their Blackberries, lap tops and cellphones were either watching the live feed over the Internet, or reading text messages of every play being made during the hockey game, and every once in a while you could hear the cheers and moans throughout the class. The class ended at 10:00pm, so the hockey game was well over by then, and the disappointment was thick.  As I left the classroom on my way to the parking lot, I saw a disgruntled hockey fan take his Vancouver Canucks flags from off his side windshields and threw them in the garbage bin.

My drive home was just as funny as I saw several Vancouver Canucks flags laying on the side of the road, especially through Surrey, Panorama Ridge area, along Hwy 10, where I saw about five of them in the median. The best one was along Glover Road where someone managed to land one on the power-line—the person had a good arm.

I should stress here that I am not a hockey fan any more. Ever since the general strikes of a few years ago, I left hockey forever. But I am amused at the level of hockey fans in the city of Surrey. I never seen so many people standing along side the roads waving their hockey flags and dressed up as if they were at a game—and as was the case last night, during the game! Surrey is just nuts about hockey.

I took some time this morning to vote. For the first time ever in Fort Langley, I had to wait in a line-up. I’m taking this a good sign because I know that in my area there has been a real big problem with low voter turnout, especially among my friends. I’ve always done my best to encourage people to get out and cast their ballads, and more so this term being that we have a referendum question on possibly changing the way we vote in the future. I am a proponent of STV (Single Transferable Vote).

And I think for my readers, you may have noticed that this is the first time I have ever mentioned anything about the BC election here. There is a good reason—I chose not write any posts on the topic because I do not wish to endorse any of the political parties, even the one I voted for. I have to agree with the legislation that prohibits over spending on paid advertising and ad jaming on the public airwaves with mud-slinging campaigns before an election. This election was so peaceful that I hope other jurisdictions could look upon us as a model of a good clean election period. It is more to do with an ad free environment than anything else for me.

Now we wait to see who we are stuck with for the next four years…

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