Did Everyone Go Away for the Weekend?

I was getting a little bored sitting around reading so I decided to phone a couple of friends to see what they were all up to, but all of them had gone out of town for the long weekend. This is bad. I feel jealous. The price I pay for my higher education—dealing with the homework issues–the shackles of my weekends.

Anyway, I took a long walk by the river this evening. I brought my trusty little Kodak camera with me so I could attempt to take a whole pile of sunset shots, but the walk was cut short because the pesky little blood-sucker flies are out. I have bites all up and down my arms and legs. Fortunately, I brought my jacket just as a precautionary measure because it looked like it could start to rain, but instead I put it on when it was baking hot out. I wasn’t the only one taking a walk with long sleeves on while the sun was out. I envy those who earlier on in the day could walk barefoot along the sand.


On my way back during my little walk I took this shot, below, that shows Billy Brown Road, looking West from off of Glover Road. The white structure in the middle is the seniors home for the “40s and up.” The green building on the right, if you notice, is actually sitting over on where the pavement and  sidewalk should be. I guess that will get taken down to make the road its rightful width very soon. That sand pile is where there might be some stores, as I heard that it was set for commercial usage. Maybe they’ll put in a big-box store! That would be interesting for Fort Langley.

It looks like summer could be here after all, for the West Coast at least. I heard on the news that Manitoba got snow today? I feel so sorry for those people—OK I don’t because it could have been us getting the white stuff here the way the weather has been so far this year. Now our worst nightmare is going to be what the spring run-off is going to be like. Perhaps a super flood will take place here in the Fraser valley for our June/July flood period? I hate flood warnings.

Great! A mosquito snuck inside my place. I’ll never sleep with that buzzing around biting me all night. Where’s the sticky-tape!

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