Internet Down, Temperature UP, Homework to go…

I’ve given up waiting for my server to fix their problems so I can connect to the outside world. This is starting to peeve me right off with these long interruptions. These interruptions are happening more often, and they seem to always to start-up in the late afternoons, early evenings. I wish they would consider us, me, who use the service at home, after work, in the evenings, so I can get my work down too. This is frustrating because I know they have to upgrades and repairs. It’s a cruel world.

I have every window open in the place and the ceiling fan was cranked up to maximum, which is the first time this year that that has happened. It is wonderful that we are finally getting the summer weather, but along with the nice weather comes the summer menace: MOSQUITOES! If it were not for the fine-mesh wire screens on every opening in the house, life would be miserable. They are like clockwork as they come out just as the sun starts to set and the day starts to cool off, which is also the perfect time to enjoy the outside with the BBQ. Flies:BBQ.

I am still along ways away from turning the power sucking air-conditioner (A/C), but if the trend continues I could see the A/C on in about couple of weeks. Last year I did an upgrade on my A/C system. I figured that I would get something that was a little more environmentally friendly, but the term A/C and the environment do not go together. However, the new A/C unit has the non-ozone killing gas in it that the older ones had, and the disposal charge was about $50.00 to get rid of it.

May 18, 2009: Just an update on my ISP (Internet Service Provider), they are aware of the problem and it is them/they who have shut down the service for the Fort Langley area. Now I need to find some way of getting this post uploaded to my web site.

May 18, 2009: Another Up Date—it has now being twenty-four hours since my ISP went off line! Those bastards—why am I paying them so much money for such lousy service? I phoned them up this morning and they told me that this was an emergency shut-down. Well, it must be pretty serious if it means loss of service for an entire day. I have so much work to do, and I need the Internet to finish it. Most of my research assignments are in my personal home page on the University web site.

May 19, 2009: OK, it appears that part of the problem was a broken cable splitter that I had. I unpluged it and patched the modem right into the wall outlet and it worked almost as soon I connected it. I need a tone tester for this! A whole day down….

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