The Victoria Day Weekend May day Parade: It Rained.

It was starting to look promising outside, even thought it was overcast, but the clouds were very high and it seemed that the sun could poke out among them any time soon. When I got down to Glover Road the crowds were noticeably thin, but slowly people started coming down to the side walks. There was the twenty or so member band playing various cover songs and the parade marshal and the commentator setting up, but sky was getting darker.

Soon the parade started. It started with the police motorcycle patrol squad who do their tight turns and racing up and down the road routine. Once they were finished then the parade starts with the marching bands, floats and old fashioned vehicles. Because the weather was looking bad, there were not as many parade participants than normally. And on top of that, the parade route had being changed, now going in reverse as compared to past years, ending up at the Fort Museum instead of starting there. That was where the May Pole dancing was going to be held this year too. I never went up there because the rain had started to fall as the parade finished.

We were all hoping for better weather, but we must work with what is dealt to us, rain or shine the parade must go on. I was not happy with the quality of the photos I took either. It was just to dark out for parade picture taking. I turned off my flash and just snaped as many as I could hoping that at least some would turn out. Out of about 350 frames, 10 maybe were good enough for publishing.

The gloomy day didn’t stop all the kids from having fun. I think it didn’t really matter to them in least bit. A lot of the youngsters seemed to be very receptive to the Cookie Monster, which to me looked like that fast food mascot on a massive diet program, but I could be wrong and the blue guy was someone else completely.

Just an update: This was the 87th annual parde for Fort Langley, BC.

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