One Little Part and that was what Wrecked it All

If you remember that for the last few weeks I have been complaining about my ISP as to why I was having so many days without connectivity. Well that was put to an end, I hope, from finally speaking to a technician yesterday. He suggested that I try a number of trouble shooting options and see how far I go before the problem could be isolated.

On his list was check the splitter, tighten everything up including cable connectors and grounding wires, then if that didn’t work, check the cable (RG6) for broken or cracked damaged insulators along where it sits inside my my house. He even suggested that I check my router and network switch to see if the Cat5 cables were in good working order. Even power supplies and other electrical components that are connected to my network needed to be checked. The list was long—about 30 items on it.

So I start with item one: disconnect the splitter that divides my cable between the television and my cable modem, then plug the modem directly into where the outside cable outlet is. So as soon as I reconnected the cable the lights on my cable modem started to dance and light up, though this time at twice the speed as they did before. I mean, it worked right off the bat!

So the problem, all this time, was that splitter. The funny thing was, a number of years ago I had bought several of them, and as I moved around from place to place, or hooked up different things to the cable, I would take one from the pile that I had and leave them as I moved on. When I started having troubles with my cable-vision, when the TV was loosing channels as they came in all fuzzy, I switch a number of these splitters around. The ones that gave problems I threw out. Eventually I was down to this one, my last cable splitter which I changed a couple of weeks ago—right about the time I started having all these problems.

Now it is just my Internet that is hooked up to my cable, and not the TV. It is just as well because I hardly watch any TV, but now that it is gone, or off-line, all of a sudden miss TV. Maybe it is because I’m paying for something that I can’t have now?

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