It was so close!

First of all I have to say that the electoral vote count over in Delta South was a nail-biter. When you have two candidates who had to wait two extra weeks to know who was the winner because of a difference of 3 votes, then to finally declare the victor by only 32 votes, all I can say is “Wow.” I am thankful that British Columbia is not Florida under the George Bush leadership, so I’m wondering what the BC Liberals are going to do anyway, but nonetheless the vote count will go to a judicial hearing to do another recount. See CBC News.

So for now British Columbia now has an independent member, Vicki Huntington, of the provincial legislature, and the leading party has lost its member, Wally Oppal, who was the attorney general, or top lawyer/judge from the last cabinet. If you know anything about Delta South, you will know that it has seen its share of controversy being in the media spotlight on several occasions. The overhead power lines dispute was the biggest news story that involved the installation of a set of huge power-lines that now run through a residential area so that Vancouver Island can get more electrical power from the mainland.

Remember that British Columbia has had its worst voter turnout in history, and it is a good possibility that some of the voters who made time to cast their ballot may have took this opportunity to cast a protest vote. Regardless, this ridding will cause some difficulties for the leading Liberals, and the people of South Delta who will have to deal with a member of the government that will purely represent them, but as an independent with no ties to the other two major parties.

Has anyone seen how fast the price of goods suddenly shot up in the last couple of weeks? I have being keeping track of a few items that I normally buy from the local store, and I calculated that everything that I have kept track of has increased by 13 percent. Oh, I’m sot surprised, but knowing that this is going to be the trend for the foreseeable future my wallet is going to have tighter purse strings around it. The economic hard times that are upon us is going to force me to either buy less, or start being more of a frugal shopper. I have already started buying more at these larger stores, but I can see that I may be forced to shop at these businesses more regularly as inflation starts to ramp upwards.

I’m also waiting for both the federal and provincial governments to start increasing their taxes to “band-aid” the growing deficits. Apparently we broke (or will be breaking) another record this year with the countries largest federal deficit in our history. No one seems to be flinching about the number: 50 billion. I guess after watching the U.S. deficit of what-ever trillions of dollars, ours is only a drop in the bucket—too bad we are only a fraction of the their population with an ever shrinking work force? This is our legacy to the next generation; we maybe patting ourselves on our back, but they might be kicking us in the butt as we are locked up in rubberised old-folks rooms to save money for this. Remember, what comes around, goes around. See CBC News.

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  1. Hi Tom…

    Got your phone message yesterday. Sorry I missed you. (couldn’t get to the phone in time before the answering machine kicked in!) I will be home all night tonight and tomorrow night. Friday I am off all day but don’t get your hopes up for the twilight time 😀

  2. Yes, I tried again today around 8:00pm, but you kept your answering machine set for one ring. Maybe I’ll set up a prearrange time, this way you know when I will call, and not to screen it. I’m using VOIP and public phones from off and on campus now–the cell is getting way too expensive, so my number are always different.

    I’ll send you an email for my next attempt.


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