Reading Writing and Wondering: all at the same time!

I have a few minutes before I call it a night. My homework quota just got increased because of an oversight—a small chapter just got turning into a big chapter resulting in four more hours of extra reading. What happened was the prof started to give us the homework assignment last week, and we ran over our allotted three hour time period for that class, so everyone started leaving the class she was telling us what was needed for next weeks class. She forgot to mention that we needed some extra reading that she was posting on the class website too. Some force, perhaps my subconscious, or academic intuition told me to check the web site one more time. Sure enough there was a new file sitting in the page titled with next weeks topic on it.

When I went to print it off, it was 33 pages of legalese in point 9 font. I thought to myself, “There goes the night…. Damn!”

I have not finished reading all of my texts yet. I guess this will be a case of reading right up until class. The only good that become of this is that the readings will be very fresh in my mind and my recall will be at its best. Other then that, sleep deprivation and sore eyes follow close behind.

At least I get to focus on one of my favourite topics which is tort law.  As a criminologist, tort law takes on a different light when dealing with normative laws. I actually found a good argument in the textbook that talks about the argument of no-fault liability versus tort law. I automatically jumped to the conclusion of labour law and the WCB (In British Columbia) where in a growing frequency of cases where insurance that is given out for negligence is far to low in proportion to the damages that was caused. When I compare these two, I can see why keeping tort law is beneficial rather than having no-fault insurance. Perhaps Canada needs a further Right leaning government to achieve this? I think that is a great discussion topic.

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