Let the Day Begin: I’m Writing, You’re Getting Time Off.

It is about 8:00am and I’m getting ready for the day. Actually I’m planning for the next two days as I have three assignment that need to be ready for first thing next week. Each assignment is a paper that will either critically review, prepare an analysis or follow a research format. One paper, the critical review I estimate will take about twenty hours to complete, and is due for Monday. The other two papers should only require about four to five hours each based of past experience.

So, for those of you who were expecting to come over for a visit or need help of some sort, I please ask that you hold off until this is over.  I know that there were some who I promised to help, but I’m afraid that I will have to back down from those commitments because of my class assignments. Everyone who knows me well enough should know by now that these sorts of conflicting issues happens form time to time and I have little control over them.

While you are all out enjoying the super nice weekend, I will be pounding away on my keyboard fixated on my monitor trying to defeat writer’s block. But don’t worry, in the future it will all pay off.

4 Thoughts on “Let the Day Begin: I’m Writing, You’re Getting Time Off.

  1. Hi Tom…..

    I am sooooo sorry!!! You have been calling and I have not been picking up the phone. I thought you were a solisitor calling non stop. I know better know. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. Anyways, today is our 12 year annaversory. we are taking the kids to Fishermans’ Wharf downtown Victoria to pick up some cavior and some kind of fish for supper. We will be home in the evening. Call around 8.00 P.M or the same time tomorrow. Use the same number….That would be great. I would love to hear about how your classes are going…….

  2. Gee, I thought leaving all those messages would have given my IDENTITY away. I knew something was up when I would call a second time and your answering machine would all-of-a-sudden be set to a single ring.

    Well, if those “solicitors” are getting that bad, then switch to another number? I mean, it is your peace of mind that is at stake here!

    I’ll see if I can tear myself away from this homework and call you. I think you already know that the Supertertles are moved and have their phone and Internet back now. That was really my news.

  3. The “solicitors” are not that bad, only one number but it was very close to one that you are using!!! waiting for you call. Talk to you soon…. 😳

  4. OK, one more shot at phoning…… 🙄

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