Jumping Jeepers its June Already!

So, how is everyone doing with the little heat wave we got going here in Southern British Columbia? I promised myself that I would not complain about the weather being too hot after the over extended winter that just passed. No-way am I going to say that it is too hot outside, nor am I going to tell everyone how much summer sucks—because it doesn’t. In fact I am loving it! We need more! Bring it on!

Now for the truth…. I have being trapped up inside for the last three days due to me needing to meet my assignment requirements. In other words, I have a ton of homework, and I’m still not finished. This week is the start of the first batch of midterm assignments, and in the true sense of the summer semester, we were given just two weeks to complete these papers. All of my classes have assignments due this week. I completed my Monday class already, CRIM4900 International Crime, but I still have a law class to complete and hand that paper in—which is due tomorrow.

Right now I’m sick of writing—even though I’m writing here—but I don’t need to critically think the way I hate writing on the blog…, or do I? Regardless, my brain is going through writer’s block and living indoors when I could be outside frolicking along the sandy beaches of Bray Island is gnawing at my self-esteem. And the truth be told, yes, the air-conditioner is on and is working properly.

Today is also part of my weekend, or time off from work, for good behaviour, depending on which way you want to look at it. When I saw the thermometer almost reach 30C, I felt sorry for those people who have to work in buildings with no central air. So it was a pleasure not to come into work because we do not have a working air conditioner there anymore—it quit working for some reason. But tomorrow I’m back, albeit for only four hours, but nonetheless it will be for four hot hours. I am so looking foreword to that—NOT! (I’m still not complaining… .)

OK, now I must muster up the energy and fight my way back to the paper I was working on and get it completed—or else.

One Thought on “Jumping Jeepers its June Already!

  1. You can do it Tom! You just need a pep talk…
    Hunker down, it’s all worth it. You will feel fantastic when you’ve got some completion. Take small breaks, they will help you go further.
    Like you said, you’ve done it before…keep going.
    Your friend, diane

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