The End of the First Round: Summer & School Don’t mix….

I’m typing this from my laptop while sitting by the turtle pond on campus. This means that many things–possible mass type-os and weird sentence structure because of the many distractions that keep popping up from people saying hi and asking if I have notes, PDFs, paid registration, paid tuition and even a light for someone which is really rare to see people who still smoke.  I just finished my afternoon class and I am beat. I am tired from writing all last night. It is screaming hot out, but super cold inside the classroom. I don’t know why they crank up the A/C to something like 15C. It is nuts! So I’m sitting outside for the air–if you can call it fresh?

I think my papers went well. I had some of my friends give them a read, and they felt that they were extremely good and well written. One of my papers included a case brief, and I got a lot of good comments one that one. So I think did well, but it is all up to the prof who will be doing the marking.

Last night I set my cheap little webcam up to my little telescope because the moon looked spectacular then. I was quite amazed at how well it turned out. you can almost make the bunny in the moon. I should stat getting back into astro-photography again. I had lots of cool photos from over the years, but that was back in the day of analogue photography. I need a good SLR camera though, so perhaps soon I’ll spend the money and buy one. I still have my telescopes.

This sunset was taken around 9:10pm tonight. Because of the forest fire that is not to far from us, the sky was pink as the sun was setting. There is a lot of haze in the air form that fire.

Oh, and thanks Diane for your words of encouragement! I did manage to get through it, but I am sure tired becuase of it–forced writing is tough sometimes. Good luckwith your chioce of which emploer to choose from. I’ll fix this post tomorrow when I’ve rechardged my batteries….

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