What a day: The case of the Bad LapTop

I spent the better part of today helping my neighbour install Ubuntu on her laptop. She had seen it on another neighbour who I did an install on Ubuntu several weeks ago, so they got together and shared the good and bad points of using Linux for their everyday computer and Internet needs. I was approached and said that I would install it during the weekend when I had time spend.

Initially I told her that it would be a four hour time period, baring any snags that may pop up. After about five hours of fiddling around with a USB stick and booting the operating system from that device, then finally doing the install, I finally made some headway only after to resorting to using a DVD ROM. I should have paid closer attention to what type of optical device she had on the laptop because had I known that she had the DVD writer on it, that would have save a lot of time in the first place. The marking on the DVD carriage were rubbed off from wear. It was an older computer, and fortunately most of the issues that popped up were fixable ones once I got a list of all the hardware components.

Once the operating system was install, then came the tweaking. That took another four hours, and before you knew it, the whole day was done.

I enjoy doing this type of work because I learn some much from it. Every bug that I find and squish makes me better for the next gob. So far I have managed to install successfully Linux on every machine that I have run across, even MACs—yes you can run Linux on MACs too.

For the owner of the laptop, she was very grateful, and was very impressed at the speed and new found life that was brought back into her machine. Before, she was running Window$ XP, and it was hurting. The machine was not worth it to go out and buy software for it, so free was an expectable price for a days worth of work.

She said that the pop-up nag windows, a million virus protection programs and the constant freezing made running the derelict OS simply impossible to use. On top of this, porn and solicitation were a big problem too.

So another happy camper has joined the free world today.

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