Sleepy: No Way!

It is way past me bedtime, but I can’t sleep. I have the radio on playing the late night Sunday show called, “In the Key of Charles” which is a beautiful mix of classical and modern pop music all mixed together into a great one hour show—great for those nights when you just can’t get to sleep. I’m at the desk and picked up one of my textbook for a quick read, but that was way too much for this time of night. So now I’m just thinking….

One of the things that has being bugging me lately are the numerous email and hugely bombastic comments on my blog. One individual who has taken the time to write three times in the last week has being put on my spam-list because he refuses to understand the nature of our criminal justice system and that if you commit a crime, you are going to do the time. He somehow thinks that police should not have the power to search and cease someone house if they were doing something, like, having a grow-operation inside? The comments were down right silly at times, and were not worthy of being posted do to the language and negative mannerisms sprinkled throughout them.

Normally I will let the comments stay just to show the world how much of a fool someone can be. Most times when people use inappropriate language, not matter brilliant their ideas are, a limit had to be made on what should go up and what shouldn’t.

Anyway, I’m going back to listing to the radio until I fall asleep.

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