Logging In Twice: Only One Program On

I have some good news regarding my employment situation—I maybe keeping my job for a little while longer. Of course I was told this rather unofficially, but I should hear soon what the official word is in the next couple of days. This has taken some weight off from my shoulders and eased the anxiety some what, but there still lingers the possibility that everything can still head south, i.e., the toilet, down the tubes, down the drain. Everything at work still hinges on a few deals that need to be agreed upon by the powers the be and then contracts signed before we can all start breathing again. The waiting is killing me!

In the next two weeks midterm exams start for me. All of my courses have exams scheduled starting next week. I guess I should start preparing myself for “Zombie Mode” because both of my law classes are content heavy with both practical and theory components mixed together. I would like to see an outline for each exam, but being that they are fourth year classes it maybe a case of sink or swim—which I can do both very well.

I am also very happy that the new “Golden Ears” bridge opened today. It is official, as of 2:15am this morning the bridge was opened to traffic, free of charge for the next thirty days. I am also glad that I do not need to commute across it because you do have to pay—and I am cheep. I was really excited when the Albion Ferry was almost reduce to no sailing waits. When I turned onto Glover Road to go into work this morning I was the only vehicle on it around 6:00am. I am not kidding! So the new bridged is already a boon for Fort Langley, in my opinion. I do not know why people want to save the Ferry when it costs so much to operate it, and now that we have the bridge, it would be silly to keep it?

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