A Lot Going On Around Town

It was a busy evening around Fort Langley. I took a walk and came across a couple getting hitched, tying the knot, the bride with her long white dress trying to stuff herself into the SUV get-a-way for the anticipated honeymoon. Also there were many others walking down the same path as I was. I wondered if every human was taking time to walk-about too.

The sky was colourful and full of clouds. Too bad that cell phone towers and power-lines have taken over the skyscape, but this is the price we pay for our lifestyle. I guess the sunset must go too.

The funniest thing I saw today were two women in their forties climbing the fence between the railway tracks and the new housing development. That was a sight worth watching as two out-of-shape mid-life adults were trying to scale the fence and their acrobatic posses left no margin of anything short of a circus performance. I was too afraid to take a photo…. Yikes!

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