Driving home from work yesterday was a challenge. I knew that when Friday finally arrived that there was going to be a certain amount of chaos. I took some precautions to avoid some of the predicable pitfalls that normally occur during the day such as taking the long way home so I’m not fighting traffic jams. However, no matter how hard I tried, the chaotic nature of the British Columbian Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley road systems will get you every time.

I have come to the conclusion that there are no secret routes home from work any more that I can take, and that there are no roads that are not immune from traffic congestion to any neighbourhood in and around Fort Langley during the peak time periods—which covers just about the entire daylight period.

When I got home from work, around 5:30pm, I noticed that a few of my neighbours were leaving for their weekend recreational trips. The exodus of motor-homes, boat trailers and cars loaded with camping equipment was looking like a parade, or funeral procession, and all I could see when I crossed Highway #1, were the slow moving tail-lights of vehicles heading East. Before that, en route, at the intersection of Langley By-Pass and Fraser was a real nasty collision that held up traffic in all directions. So once I parked in the safety of my driveway, so went all the stress of having lived another day of driving through Langley City.

Earlier on in the day I drove the company van out to Chilliwack, BC, to deliver some office equipment to one of our staff members who is setting up her office from home. We are very slow, so any excuse to get out of the building is automatically excepted. The drive was great but the traffic of people leaving the city make my top speed around 80 Km/h. Once I got into Chilliwack, the down town area seemed to have shrunk from the last time I was there. I saw so many new housing developments and new buildings that the old style single lane roads looked too small for the town they now support. The air port is now surrounded by roads and buildings. I used to fly there a lot as a young pilot and thought that that was the best rural country air port there was—not any more. Even the poor little town of Chilliwack is going through major growing pains.

There. I think got that off from off of my chest. That was a good rant. Now to deal with the idiot who just bought his brand-new sports car with the 5000 watt stereo system it. He just lives around the corner from me. I guess I’ll worn him that if plays it again at 1:00am I will invite a Mountie over to deal with him then.

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